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Next Single to be Butterflies & Hurricanes

The single will be released on the 20th of September, it is aid to have 2 b-sides on, one of which is said to be a remix of the single and the other a live performance of there latest single 'Sing For Absolution'.

Apocalypse Please Shocks All , As it is announced as being Muse's 2nd download single from Absolution!

Apocalypse please will be download only single with 10% going to Oxfam, released on August 23rd from Oxfams music site This have caught everyone by suprise, as knwoone had known about this, wherer as people have known abotu B&H beeing the next official release for a few months now, it is also rumoured that it will be the Glastonbury performance of Apocalypse Please which will be availabel only for download!

Teignmouth arts centre  

MUSE OPENS NEW ARTS CENTRE : Top rock group MUSE returned to the College (where they were students) to officially open the new Arts Centre and to donate music instruments for students' studies. Pics on the website.
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 Just hours after Glastonbury performances were broadcasted live on BBC Two, albums by artists performing experienced a surge in sales on MuseĀ“s  Absolution rose by 240%.