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Showbiz Tour 99-00


Live At The Rockpalast, 1999, Pro Recording, (black & white), 9/10, 1dvd 


VCD: Barfly Sessions, Barfly, London, Uk, 01.08.00, Pro Recording 10/10, 1cd

VCD: Live At The Astoria, The Astoria, London, Uk, 07.06.00 Pro Recording 10/10 1cd

VCD: Eurocks Festival 2000, Belfort, France, 2000, Pro Rec 10/10, SB 10/10, 1cd (Picture is upside down)

Audio cds:

Paris New Morning, Paris, France, 12.07.99, SB 10/10, 1cd

Muse KRWC Session, SB 10+/10, 1cd (10 trks)

Live At The Rockpalast, 1999, SB 10/10, 1cd 

The Astoria, London, Uk, 10.04.99, SB 10/10, 1cd

MUSE Live At The MCM Cafe 2000, SB 10/10, 1cd

Lyon 2000, Lyon, France, 28.07.00, AU 8.5/10, 1cd

Bordeaux Rockin', Krakatao, Bordeaux, France, 14.01.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Stuttgart Night, Stuttgart, Germany, 23.05.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Live In Brusels, Brussels, Belguim, 7.01.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Astoria 1st Night, The Astoria, London, 06.06.00, AU 9/10, 1cd

Astoria 2nd Night, The Astoria, London, 07.06/00, AU 9/10, 1cd (i also have vcd of this show)

Live At Bristol, Bristol, Uk, 13.02.00, AU 9+/10, 1cd

Live At the Elserhalla, Munich, Germny, 22.05.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Roskilde Festival 2000, Roskilde, Denmark, 02.07.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Malmo 2000, KB Club, Malmo, Sweeden, 03.11.00, AU 9+/10, 1cd

The Destruction Festival, Big Cat, Osaka, Japan, 12.10.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Weisen 2000, 2 Days A Week Festival, Weisen, Austria, 01.09.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, Uk, 25.06.00, SB 10/10, 1cd

  Orign Of Symmetry Tour 2001


VCD: Radio 3, Madrid, Spain, 22/04/01, Pro Rec 10/10, SB 10/10, 1cd

VCD:'Route Du' Rock Festival 2001', Pro Rec 10/10, SB 10/10, 1cd

Audio Cds:

Xfm Radio Broadcast, Xfm Studios,Uk, 12.02.01, SB, 10/10, 1cd

Easter Rocks, Dusseldorf, Phillipshalle, Holland, 2001, SB 10/10, 1cd

Hamburg 01', Hamburg, Garmany, 08.05.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

Premium Gig, Tokyo Zepp, Tokyo, Japan 15.07.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

Live At The Nimes, 17.07.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

'Dead Star In Berlin' , Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany, 22.10.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

Orign Of Osaka, Imp Hall, Osaka, Japan, 02.12.01, SB 10/10, 2cd

Le Zenith 2nd Night, Le Zenith, Paris, France, 29.10.01, SB 10/10, 2cd

Bizzare Fesival 2001, Weeze, Germany, 18.08.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

Aarhus 2001, Xoxhal, Aarhus, Denmark, 10.05.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

Capital Request, Palladium, Italy, 27.04.01, AU 9/10, 1cd

Lowlands Festival, Lowlands, Denmark, 24.08.01, SB 10/10, 1cd

T In The Park, 2001, Glasgow, Scotland, 07.07.01, SB 10/10,1cd

Tokyo  Zepp 1st Night, Tokyo, Japan, 28.11.01, AU 9+/10, 2cd

Tokyo Zepp 2nd Night, Tokyo, Japan, 29.11.01, AU 9+/10, 2cd


  Hullabaloo Tour 2002


Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 08.07.02, SB 10/10, Pro rec 10/10


VCD: Eurocks Festival 2002, Belfort, France, 07.07.02, Pro Rec 10/10, SB 10/10, 1cd

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 08.07.02, SB 10/10, Pro Rec 10/10 1cd

Audio Cds:

Eurocks Festival 2002, Belfort, France, 07.07.02, SB 10/10, 1cd (audio version)

Rock Am Ring, Nurburgring, Germany, 18.05.02, SB 10/10, 1cd

Porto 02', Hard Club, O'porto, Portugal, 19.04.02, AU 9/10, 1cd

Lisbon 02', Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal, 21.04.02, AU 9+/10, 1cd

Fuji Rock Fesival, Naeba, Japan, 26.07.02, AU 9/10, 1cd

Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland, 08.07.02, SB 10/10, 1cd

Rock Oz' Arenas, Switzerland, 15.08.02, SB 10/10, 1cd (last 2 songs cut)

Leeds Festival, Yorkshire, England 2002, AU 8.5/10, 1cd (includes early version of Falling Away With You & Eternally Missed!)

  Absolution Tour 2003


DVD: Glastonbury 2004, Uk, 2004, Pro Recording 10/10, 1DvD (includes bonus of Muses Performance at the Brit Awards 2004)

Xfm Live Webcast, Carling Islington Academy, London, Uk, 22.09.03, Pro Recording  9/10

Live In Tokyo, Tokyo Bay, NK Hall, Japan, 07-02-2004(complete 18 song set!), Audience Recording, 8/10



VCD:Xfm Live Webcast, Carling Islington Academy, London, Uk, 22.09.03, Pro Recording  9/10, 1cd

VCD:Trabendo 2003, Le Trabendo, PAris, France, 10.09.03, Pro Recording 10/10, 1cd

VCD:Brussels  2003,  AB Box, Brussels, Belgium, 03.09.03, Pro Recording 10/10, 1cd

Audio Cds:

MTV2 Absolution Live, Private Gig, Milan, Italy, 15.09.03, SB 10/10, 1cd

Maida Vale 2003, Maida Vale Studios, London, Uk, 19.09.03, SB 10/10, 1cd 

Xfm Live, Carling Islington Academy, London,Uk,  22.09.03, SB 10/10, 1cd

Melkweg Live, Melkweg, Amsterdam,Holland,  03.09.03, AU 8/10, 1cd

Brussels 03', Brussels, AB, Belgium, 05.09.03, SB 10/10, 1cd (inclues interview pre- gig) 

Absolution In Geneve, Geneve Arena,  Switzerland, 02.11.03, AU 8/10, 2cd 

Brussels 2003, Forrest National, Brussels, Belgium, 07.11.03, AU 8/10, 2cd 

Angers Forever, Ampitheatre, Angers, France, 08.11.03, AU 8/10, 2cd

Ahoy Radio Broadcast: Rotterdam, Ahoy, Holland, 06.11.03, SB 9.5/10, 1cd (Full broadcast of 10 tracks)

Lyon 2003, Hall Tony Garnier, Lyon, France, 10.11.03, AU 8/10, 2cd

Madrid Radio Broadcast,  La Riviera, Madrid, Spain, 14.11.03, SB 10/10, 1cd (14 track radio broadcast)

Bercy Absolute, Bercy, Paris, France, 18.11.03, AU 7-9/10, 2cd

Wembley 2003, Wembley Arena, London, Uk, 27.11.03, AU 9/10, 2cd

Nottingham Arena, Nottingham, Uk, 28.11.03, AU 7/10, 2cd

MEN Arena, Manchester, Uk, 29.11.03, AU 9/10, 2cd 

Live In Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, 01.12.03, SB 10/10, 1cd (10 track Fm Broadcast Includes Stockholm Syndrome)

The Night Of Exeter, Westpoint Arena, Exeter, Uk, 07.12.03, AU 6/10, 2cd

Big Day Out 2004, Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Australia, 23.01.04, SB 10/10 1cd (complete radio boroadcast 11 trks)

Toronto 2004, Toronto, The Mod Clud, USA, 19.04.04, AU 8/10, 1cd

Superbock 2004, Superbock super rock Festival, Portugal, 09.06.04, AU 8.5/10, 1cd

Pinkpop 2004, Netherlands, 30.05.04, SB 10/10 (Radio Boradcast of 14 songs - including complete stockholm syndrome)



Muse TV performances- Brits Awards peformance (hyteria), Brit Awards Warm up performance (time is running out), Brits Build up with interviews and Muse Arriving, Sing For Absolution on Cd:Uk, Muscle Museum & Plug In Baby live  From Reading Festival 2002, Muse Live Friday Night With Jonathon Ross 2004 (with Hysteria and start of Time is Running Out until the program ends)  All Pro Recorded 10/10 1DvD

Muse TV Appearances: Rock Am Ring 2002(5 songs). Rock Am Ring 2004(4 songs), T In The Park 2004(3 songs), Mtv2 Absolution Live, Milan, 2003(9 songs), Promo Video: Stockholm Syndrome, Newborn, Time Is Running Out, Plug in Baby, Sunburn, Hysteria (USA version), 1 DvD, All Pro Recorded!



The Best Of Muse Live 99-00, Various Venues etc.., SB 9-10/10, 1cd: Yes Please, Riff?, Bliss(early version - matt plays on organ piano), Newborn, Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Unintended, Screenager, Agitated, Plug In Baby(early virsion slightly different to version on orign album), Minimum, Sunburn, Recess, Uno, Do We Need This?, Showbiz, Cave(piano version)

B Sides & Sesions, Studio/Various Venues etc.., SB 9-10/10, 2cd: cd1: (b-sides)Coma, Simple Messanger, Jimmy Kane, Forced In, Agitated, Host, Twin, Do We Need This?, Con-Science, Minimum, Ashamed, Yes Please, Spiral Static, Recess, Nishe cd2: (live) Cave, Falling Down, Uno, Showbiz, 'Interview', Sunburn(acoustic), Feeling Good, Muscle Museum(different version), Recess At Eight, Cave(acoustic), Overdue, Cave, Frighten Me, Escape, Muscle Museum, Sober, Uno, Unintended 

Muse Upon Life, Acoustic Session, Various Recording,  SB 10/10, 1cd: Hate This & I'll Love You, Nature_1, Muscle Museum, Sunburn, Cave, Muscle Museum, Falling Down, Sunburn, Cave, Muscle Museum, unintended, Muscle Museum(different version), Feeling Good

Muse Acoustics 2003, Various Venues etc..., SB 10/10, 1cd (some of muse's best acoustic performances from the yeard 99-03: Cave, Falling Down, Feeling Good, Muscle Museum, Overdue, Plug In Baby, Sing For Absolution, Sunburn, Time Is Running Out, Unintended, Uno

The Ultimate Acoustic Album, Various Venues ect... Sound ranges from 9/10 - 10/10, 1cd, setlist: Bedroom Acoustic, Time Is Running Out, Sing For Absolution, Feeling Good, Overdue, Plug In Baby, Muscle Museum, Uno, Falling Down, Screenager, Megalomania, Hate This And I'll Love You, Nature_1, Unintended, Cave, Sunburn, Muscle Museum (version 2)

Stairway To Devon MUSE Documentary, Radio Broadcast 10/10 sound quality 1cd,(around 25-30 mins long i think rough estiamte though, i found this very interesting and something all muse fans should here, included band interviews) bonus material: Dead Star (Instrumental) & Muscle Museum (Soulwax remix)

MUSE Rock For Clever People, Varois Venues/studio, SB/AU 8-10/10, 1cd: Bedroom Acoustic(studio), Dead Star(studio), Shine Acoustic(studio), In Your World(studio), Nature_1(live-acoustic), Plug In Baby(live-acoustic), Please Please Let Me Get What I Want(studio), Screenager(live-piano), Sunburn(live-acoustic), Muscle Museum(live-acoustic), Apocalypse Please(live), Feeling Good(live),Live From Nottingham Arena, Uk 28/11/03: Hysteria, Newborn, Blackout, Bliss

The Best Of The B-Sides: Carn't Take My Eyes Off You, Eternally Missed, execution Comentary, Shine, Baloonatic, Bedroom Acoustics, Pink Ego Box, The Groove, Piano Thing, Futurism, House Of The Rising Sun, Fury, Agitated, Coma, Con-Science bonus: Dead Star Live At Reading 2002


Ultra Rare Items 

Muscle Museum EP: Release Date: 11.01.99: Muscle Museum, Sober, Uno, Unintended, Instant Messanger, Muscle Museum #2(all songs are different studio recording to which went onto the showbiz album some arer also very different original versions of the songs)

MUSE EP, Release Date: 11/03/99: Overdue, Cave, Coma, Escape(all songs are different studio recording to which went onto the showbiz album some arer also very different original versions of the songs)


If you are interested in any of my bootlegs please email me @ so theat we can work out a trade, even if you have no bootlegs to trade we can still work something out